About Us


Following her 30 years in distribution and manufacturing, Patricia Palermo founded Procura Select in 2014. Her personal passion for detail and organization, a strong background in sales and distribution, and the universal need for storage, organization and material handling products inspired the company’s steady growth. Today, Procura Select serves the healthcare, industrial, commercial and retail markets. As a national distributor, Procura Select is driven to provide the best possible products to support our customers’ complex storage needs. Our products can be used enterprise-wide to store, secure and transport items, maximize workspace efficiency and save space.

Why Procura Select? 

Our team works to provide unmatched service and support in offering the most optimal storage and organization solutions.

• We solve complex storage problems
• Our resourcefulness saves time and hassle
• Our service is unmatched
• We make it easy to do business with us
• We’re a highly-efficient team
• As a diverse supplier, we add value to our customer’s supply chain
• We partner with our manufacturers to provide design and technical support 

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